5 Boo Bears To Gift On Thanksgiving – Under $89

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a major holiday and an amazing excuse to get and give beautiful presents, enjoy delicious food and spend some quality time with your family. However, with the global pandemic, this holiday might look different this year but sending a hug gable giant teddy bear directly to your family can make this day memorable for life. 

Here we are sharing a list of beautiful and extremely fluffy boo bears to choose from, for your family, friends or special one. You may even gift these to kids, babies, or your boyfriend. So, let’s get started with hope you’ll find the below list useful. 

#1 5ft Baby Pink Teddy Bear

5ft Giant Pink Teddy Bear

If the person you love the most is feeling depressed lately and not really well. Gifting her this 5ft giant teddy bear can actually cheer her up. The teddy is extremely adorable and is filled with high-quality fluff material to give you as many hugs as you can handle. 

Made in the United States, this Boo Bear is around 22x19x15 inches with about 12 pounds of weight. The fabric is super soft and washable. Whether you are searching for a gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other occasion, you can never go wrong with this one.  Starting from just $89, it’s a super steal. 

#2 4ft Brown Colored Mr. Cuddles 

Giant Teddy Bear

If your special one has recently recovered from this global virus and you are looking for a meaningful gift to cheer him or her up then Mr. Cuddles is an ideal bear. It is a brown colored bear with a heart in front saying “Love” and can bring back happiness to someone’s life. 

You can also customize the text on the heart-sized cushion with any other message like “I love you”, “I am with you always” or “You are the best.” Mr. Cuddles symbolizes love and no one could resist themselves from hugging this 4ft giant teddy bear

#3 6ft Huge Light Brown Bear 

7 Foot Giant Teddy Bear

Cannot visit your nephew or niece this Thanksgiving but still want to surprise them with something huge? Well, what would be better than an oversized teddy bear wrapped in cute gift paper and delivered straight to their doorstep. Your nieces or nephews are surely going to love you for this. 

This light brown bear is super snuggly and completely safe for kids to play and handle. Its made of huggable and soft polyester material that makes it a high-quality bear. The kids are surely going to jump over again and again on his giant tummy and hug it like always. 

#4 5ft Pink Huggable Boo Bear

5 feet hefty pink hug bear

A teddy bear that’s as soft as cotton candy. This pink coloured 5ft giant teddy bear is ideal to gift your favorite girl on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It comes with a decent looking red-coloured bow around the neck and the pink color makes it even more attractive to display in your room. 

It’s made of super plush material and filled with hypoallergenic material which is completely safe for kids to play the whole day. This Boo Bear is easy to wash and does not require much maintenance. Just wipe the dirt off every 2 weeks and you are good to go. 

5. 7ft Black & White Panda Bear

Giant Panda Teddy Bear

What? 7ft? Yes, even bigger than you and the tallest member of your family. The Panda Bear is the companion for life and is surely going to bring a huge smile on the face of the person you are gifting to. 

Its huggable material and plush fabric is something you are going to fall in love with. Plus the big black patches around his eyes and nose and super fluffy white coloured tummy is the secret of its cuteness. 

Order Now!

Which giant teddy bear are you planning to purchase? Each of the above list bears are made in the USA and crafted with care for you to cuddle and hug all the time. Pick the best one and surprise your people!

Surprise A Loved One With A Giant Teddy Bear


What’s cuter than a teddy bear? A Big teddy bear that’s 6ft tall and as huge as humans. A Giant Teddy Bear represents affection and security. The comfort and warmth in a boo bears’ hug is similar to a dogs’ hug. Buy now https://boobearfactory.com/collections/giant-teddy-bear

Giant Teddy Bear By Boo Bear Factory

These cuddly teddy bears have been around since 1902, and they’re excellent for children and adults alike. When it comes to commemorating the simplest to most momentous of events, bears have been there to help you remember the occasion!

Teddies aren’t only for children; they’ve been a part of people’s lives for a very long period now. According to research, a favorite teddy bear is typically a student’s best friend, a businessman’s secret travel companion, and a retiree’s companion of comfort and remembrance. To answer this question, we need to look at the reasons why Giant teddy bear have been so popular for so long.

We’ll reveal more of them as you keep reading

  • True Self-Esteem and Confidence – To mark a child’s childhood, a Big teddy bear is sometimes given as a keepsake. Because they provide comfort and companionship, they are considered a crucial element of the process of adolescence. And it’s not only young people that benefit from this. Researchers found that even touching an inanimate item, such as a teddy bear, may help to calm existential anxieties or poor self-esteem. It doesn’t matter your age; comfort items may bring back memories, evoke feelings of safety, or create a sense of familiarity.
  • Enjoy a restful night’s sleep – In fact, up to 35% of adults still sleep with a soft toy every night, and 45% of adults have maintained at least one of their childhood stuffed animals. Emotional warmth and security may be provided by Giant teddy bear, which can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and worry. In many families, the ritual of cuddling with a soft toy before bedtime is a natural part of the nightly routine for both children and adults, and this emotional comfort has been linked to a better night’s sleep. According to the study, sleep and worry don’t mix well, so if you’re having trouble falling asleep, pull out a bear!
  • Encouraging us to Dream and Exciting Our Imagination – Playing like a kid is a beautiful way to forget about the stresses of adulthood. To this day, millions of teddies are sold annually as gifts or as commemorative mementos for certain events and occasions. In contrast to modern themed or technology toys, there are no limitations to what you may do with teddy bears and their accessories. When it comes to childhood, one of the most important components is the special link that develops between children and their teddy bears.
  • A companion on the journey through life – Using teddy bears to help youngsters improve their social skills may be really beneficial. A broad array of teddy bear activities may be used to help teach good manners to your youngster. With a teddy bear tea party or peaceful study session, the options are almost limitless for your child. In the wild, bears may help children learn how to share, take turns, and sympathize with others. A life size teddy bear is a great way to get to know individuals you don’t know. You may give your child a boost of self-confidence and peace of mind by allowing them to bring a plush animal to their playdates, which can also serve as a conversation starter.

Wrapping up

Keep a teddy bear or other soft buddy close by to help you cope when faced with a stressful situation. These fears may be felt on the first day of school, while relocating, when meeting new people, and in other situations. An excellent tip is to have a teddy bear on hand at all times. We believe that having a teddy bear is a kind of self-love in and of itself. The ability to have a constant companion who knows and empathizes with us is comparable to possessing a massive stress ball.

In this article we have talked about the Giant teddy bear by the boo bear factory. Also, check out  https://boobearfactory.com/ if you want to buy oversized teddy bear for your loved ones.

5 Therapies with Giant Teddy Bear


5 Therapies with Giant Teddy Bear Today we will discuss the ins and outs of how by welcoming a giant teddy bear in your lives you can give yourself the much-needed healing. Powered by Boo Bear Factory. Buy Big Teddy Bear in Lowest Prices https://boobearfactory.com/collections/giant-teddy-bear

Interesting Stories Behind Gifting A Giant Teddy Bear

One of our favorite companions is a teddy bear, and no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have one! They’re cuddly and comforting, and they’re always there for us when we need them. Here are fun facts about Giant teddy bear to keep you entertained on your trip through the woods today.

Morris Michtom invented the teddy bear. A shop window display of Teddy’s bear did not refer to him as “teddy bear,” but instead as “Tadpole’s bear.” Michtom, on the other hand, had no idea that another bear maker was on the way.

Teddy bear is Theodore Roosevelt’s nickname, which inspired the use of the term. From the 12th of September 1901 to the 4th of March 1909, Roosevelt served as President. After a hunting incident, the President’s nickname was changed to “Teddy” while he was President, much to his chagrin.

Several reports claim that Roosevelt and other gentlemen went hunting in November of 1902. So, members of Roosevelt’s group tied an American black bear to a tree in the hope that Roosevelt would kill it, but he refused! This incident was the subject of numerous cartoons and became a national sensation!

Facts About Teddy Bears

  1. When Michtom started selling teddy bears in the 1930s, he had to get permission from President Roosevelt to use his name. That’s precisely what he did, and so Teddy’s bear era was born!
  2. It’s possible to find alpaca-pelt teddy bears on the market today. There is no doubt that this teddy bear is going to be highly cuddly and pricey.
  3. Among the world’s most famous bears are Pooh and Paddington! A. A. Milne and Elisabetta Gnone created Pooh, while Michael Bond created Paddington.
  4. When Morris Michtom released the Teddy bear, he had no idea that a similar stuffed toy was made in Germany. It was designed by Richard Steiff and exhibited in 1903 Richard Steiff. The ’55PB’ was the name given to this Giant teddy bear.
  5. Magazines dedicated to teddy bears exist. ‘Teddy Bear and Friends is the name of this publication. About 40,000 people have signed up for it…
  6. Faux fur is likely to have been used to make the original teddies. Factory-made bears are now the norm, and the fur is synthetic. During this process, no animal should be harmed.
  7. If you’re looking for a Steiff bear, you can now purchase one online. These bears, as you can imagine, are not going to be cheap! They are, after all, a sought-after collectible!
  8. According to the Chicago Tribute, in 2020, a staggering 5,000 artists worldwide earn their living designing custom-made teddy bears.
  9. According to legend, Richard Steiff’s first batch of toy teddy bears sent to the United States never arrived! Is there any chance that the shipwrecking incident could have affected all of the teddies?
  10. More than two-thirds of the 40,000 people who subscribe to Teddy Bear and Friends magazine say that they spend $1,000 or more on bears each year, according to Fact 15.
  11. You must have seen the enormous bears at the amusement park. Isn’t that a lot of space? However, they pale compared to the world’s most big teddy bear in terms of their size. The teddy bear from Mexico, which measures 19.41 meters in length, quickly set a new world record in 2019!

Wrapping Up

The first life size teddy bear was designed to look like real bears, with extended snouts and beady eyes. A modern teddy bear’s “cuteness” is enhanced by its baby-like features, such as more prominent eyes, foreheads, and smaller noses. Teddy bears can be made to look like various animals, including polar bears, brown bears, pandas, and koalas.

Modern 0versized teddy bear are made from various commercially available fabrics, including synthetic fur, velour, denim, cotton, satin, and canvas, as opposed to the tawny mohair of early models. To explore various giant teddy bear, click here now: https://boobearfactory.com/.

5 Reasons To Gift A Giant Teddy Bear To Loved Ones


Nobody is ever too old for a Big teddy bear hug. A giant teddy bear is a companion for life who never fails to give us comfort, care, cuddles and unlimited love. Here are the 5 reasons why you should give a teddy bear to your special people. Powered by BooBearfactory.com Buy Life size teddy bear in Cheapest Prices https://boobearfactory.com/collections/giant-teddy-bear


Few reasons that still prove that the Giant teddy bear is people favorite

Teddy bears are among the best soft toys that you can give to your loved ones. Before, people used to give different gifting options as a gesture of love and respect. But, lately, gifting teddy bears and especially giant teddy bears have become a culture. There are numerous reasons why people give giant teddy bear to others. Some of them we have discovered and mentioned below:


Among other gifting toys, big teddy bear seem to be a pocket-friendly option. People can buy them online and offline at their favorite store.

Various colors and designs: 

Usually, people used to buy giant teddy bear in one single color only. Over time due to the increment in demand, these giant teddy bear are available in various sizes, designs, and colors. The maximum height of such teddy bears goes up to 7 feet tall. Light-brown, pink, black, and many other color options are available for users to pick their favorite one.

 Shop online: 

People usually don’t find spare time in this challenging time to shop their favorite gifting option. That is why few players in the market have come up with a unique idea. Players like the boo bear factory provide an online platform for Life size teddy bear lovers to shop online without leaving their homes.

Now, it’s time to discuss a few reasons that make these giant teddy bears so close to our hearts: 

Symbol of showing respect and love: 

They are soft, cuddly, and warm. Giant teddy bears are a good option to deliver your respect and affection to someone you admire most.

Good option than other gifts: 

On special occasions, you can gift roses, chocolates, perfume and many other things to someone. But their durability will be short period. On the other hand, gifting a giant teddy bear to your loved ones will stay for years, and it will remind them of you.

  • Have a huge teddy bear or give one to a friend or family member so they may snuggle more. This is because they are both huge and soft. The present they get as a result of your thoughtfulness will make them feel unique and cherished.
  • Toys that enable people to bond more deeply than any other are huge teddy bears. Think about it this way: Children love to play and even sleep with their pets. If you give it to your significant other on Valentine’s Day as a token of your affection, she will feel extra special.
  • Only a giant teddy bear can bring back happy memories, and that’s why they’re so beloved.
  • Getting your loved one a giant teddy bear isn’t the only good reason. This will demonstrate your affection for them and enhance their sense of self-worth. When seeking presents for loved ones, the Giant Teddy Bear is a necessity.


Q. What is the height of a huge teddy bear?

A. Giant Teddy Bears may range in height from two feet to seven feet tall in most instances.

Q. To care for a Giant Teddy Bear, what steps should you take?

A. To eliminate all dirt and detergent, wash the teddy in cold water and put it through an additional rinse cycle after that. When using the dryer, be sure to use dryer sheets and reduce the temperature.

Q. Giant Teddy Bears have a symbolic meaning.

A. Aside from being adorable and cuddly, they provide unconditional love, comfort, security, and companionship. Teddy bears from childhood hold a special place in the hearts of many people.

Q. What is the significance of Giant Teddy Bears as gifts?

A. It’s an excellent way to show someone you care about how much you appreciate them, whether it’s a youngster or a particular someone. The best gift for a youngster is a cuddly plush animal, of course.

To end up

We have concluded that giant teddy bears are a good option to give someone. So if you also want to make your loved ones happy or make them feel special, then without a second thought, click here to buy the one now:  https://boobearfactory.com/.

10 Reasons Why You Must Gift Your Special One A Giant Teddy Bear This Season

Let’s see how you can make your choice in favor of a giant teddy bear for Christmas! Let us consider some points here which will help you decide whether to give them large stuffed animals or not. Even if you do not really get an affirmative response, you can at least take a look here in order to make your gift shopping quite interesting.

Here are the reasons why people give away giant teddy bears as Christmas gifts:

  1. It is one of the most common Christmas gift items for friends and family members.
  2. There is no fixed age group for which you should buy giant teddy bears. They are liked by every age group starting from kids to elders. Hence, there remains almost no chance that it will not be appreciated by them!
  3. You can choose the normal size that matches their likes or you could also go for a teddy bear that resembles a huge animal like a bear. This will surely help them to get thrilled on seeing such a gift item.
  4. There is no specific occasion for which you have to give them a teddy bear. You can gift your friends and family even on birthdays or anniversary celebrations, as a token of affection that will surely help them to feel special.
  5. The best part about teddy bears is that they are very reasonably priced, unlike the other expensive gifts that you have to buy for any festive season.
  6. Buying one would not put a hole in your pocket! They are readily available online as well as offline stores at quite reasonable prices, giving you an opportunity to make some savings too.
  7. The best part about soft toys is that they have a long shelf life. You can use them several times by changing the look according to the seasons or years!
  8. They never go out of fashion, so you can give someone a teddy bear any time, especially in winters when everyone loves cuddling up with these fluffy creatures!
  9. Even if your budget is not high, there are various affordable options that you could consider while buying a big teddy bear for Christmas. A little bit of research goes a long way in ensuring extra savings.
  10. Apart from being reasonably priced, there is no doubt about their cuteness factor which makes them an ideal gift even for small kids who would love to receive such a unique item.

Is there any specific need of giving someone a giant teddy bear?

Whether you want to gift your child’s favorite teddy bear or want to give a large stuffed animal to a friend, the reason remains the same. A large stuffed toy or a giant teddy bear can be given as a Christmas gift for anyone who likes them and have fun with it! What is important here is that you should buy something that matches their taste so they feel delighted on receiving such a surprise from you. You can go for a small size too if he/ she likes little cute stuffed toys instead of big ones since they are available in both varieties.

Another important aspect is whether they like soft toys or not! If the recipient shares his/her liking towards these  toys, then it will be a perfect “big” Christmas gift for them.

The Summary!

Sending your child’s favorite life size teddy bear along with Santa Claus to him/her is one of the most beautiful gestures that you can do during Christmas. No doubt that these stuffed animals are extremely loved by kids! You can also send larger versions of this toy in the form of giant teddy bears to make their day even more special. Huge sized large stuffed toys are quite popular among children and they will love playing games like flying kites etc.

Why Do You Badly Need A Giant Teddy Bear?


People are bringing in big teddy bear in their lives, and in the pandemic time, it has scaled up even more. In this article, we will give reasons why buying a giant teddy bear can be one of the best decisions ever! buy now https://boobearfactory.com/collections/giant-teddy-bear


Giant teddy bear: The best thing you can gift to your loved ones

Instead of flowers, consider giving a giant teddy bear to your loved ones. It is thought to be the perfect gift to show your heartfelt sentiments to your love. These are decorative items that offer your space a pleasing appearance when placed in your living room, hall, or bedroom. Apart from being decorative, they are excellent gifts to give to your loved ones on special occasions.

Adults and children alike adore teddy bears. Consider getting your loved one a giant teddy bear, and notice their expression. All giant teddy bears are available in a bigger life-size, and each is embroidered by hand and stuffed with love, just like other plush teddies. Every teddy bear is handcrafted with care and will be cherished for a lifetime.

Teddy bears are regarded as their best buddies.

The big teddy bear is a soft toy that appeals to individuals of all ages, particularly children and young girls. These are fantastic gifts to offer to female friends or young girls to make them happy. These have a very soft texture that makes people feel warm when they grasp them securely. 

This is one of the most excellent gifts you can give to anyone to make them feel special and happy. You can expect a smile, a glint in your lover’s eye, and the spread of the charm of love and romance in and around you when you give this gift. The majority of these teddies are available in bright hues, which adds to their appeal. You can receive a one-of-a-kind, charming, and appealing handmade life size teddy bear that is perfectly designed. On some occasions, you can have the teddy bear’s birthday date printed on it to customize it. You can also write a secret message and send it to your loved ones.

A giant teddy bear can be your companion in happiness and sorrow.

When given as a gift, teddy bears convey much love and caring. A oversized teddy bear soft toy can put a smile on anyone’s face, whether they are young or old. Teddy bears provide joy to youngsters since they act like friends. Their very presence will have a calming effect on everyone, young and old. Anything goes, from individuals dressed as your favorite cartoon character to those in red and romantic colors. You can buy Giant teddy bear with ease through online mode https://boobearfactory.com/.

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of a giant teddy bear is a huge ball of fur to cuddle with. The first image that comes to us is a girl holding her teddy, playing with her hair, and sitting on his furry lap. We’ve all had this vision since we were kids, and it’s mostly correct. Know that if you give your girl Valentine’s teddy bear, she will cling to it like it is a piece of her soul. And the teddy bear will soon be referred to as her most excellent friend, snuggle companion, and unrivaled partner, shoulder to weep on.

Final thoughts

Monster Teddy bears come in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, and other pastel shades. Teddy bears with short limbs, and giant heads are commonly given as baby gifts. In the market, teddies dressed in a variety of clothes are offered. The body and head of these teddies are more extended, allowing children to dress them up and play with them. If you want to show care and respect to your loved ones, then gifting a Giant teddy bear is the ideal option. 

Earlier it wasn’t easy to send gifts to any location. However, as technology and internet usage have grown, several online gift companies have emerged today’s globe that ship items to the desired area and, at the stated time, based on your selections on their websites https://boobearfactory.com/. On their momentous occasion, you can send a surprise teddy bear gift to your loved ones and make their day special.

Giant teddy bear: Our best buddies

When a kid first meets a Teddy bear, it’s typically when they’re very young. Infants generally recognize a well-known soft toy before they can even lift their heads. Most of the time, this is a case of love at first sight, and there are many tales of youngsters who have been raised with their furry best friend as their constant companion. This marks the beginning of a special bond between a kid and a bear. Bear enjoys being squeezed and bitten, as well as being there for the kid when they need them as a bedtime buddy. A giant teddy bear makes a thoughtful newborn present and quickly becomes a child’s closest friend.

Toys like giant teddy bear may be a child’s closest companion as they learn about the world, grow in confidence, and begin to have fun. Prepared to be tossed and hugged, this buddy is ready to go. With time, the child and bear develop a close bond, and Teddy may be the first toy they want to play with when they wake up.

Teddy bears provide comfort through life’s ups and downs.

With a buddy, tackling new experiences like starting preschool, seeing the dentist for the first time, or spending the night away from parents will always seem less scary. Children need comfort, and having a favorite toy around may help them relax and feel more at peace. Big Teddy Bear have gone through a lot with their favorite children, so they know they can rely on the comfort of their cuddly soft toy. We all know that trust is crucial in friendships, and a Teddy Bear is always devoted to its pals.

It’s impossible to be too old for a hug with a Life size Teddy Bear, no matter how old you are. Individuals grow increasingly self-reliant and competent as they become older. Standing atop a university dorm room bed, looking down from a first-home shelf, and even showing up on a wedding day.

If you have a close friend while you’re young, your requirements will be pretty different when you’re a teen or an adult. An unwavering and eternal Teddy Bear relationship will always be unique.

One of the greatest parts of our job is matching people up with their ideal friend. A Teddy Bear buddy is a Teddy Bear friend no matter what your age or stage of life. They are just always there for you.

What is it about giant teddy bears that attract people? 

Oversize teddy bear are a fantastic choice for online gift shopping since they make a big impression. A nice snuggle is something everyone enjoys. Big teddy bear are beautiful gifts because of this exact reason. When you need them, they’re warm and cuddly and always there.

It’s okay to hug your teddy bear firmly when you’ve had a rough day and need some consolation. Even if you’re not in the best of moods, having a cuddly companion around may make everything better.

Even while teddy bears are cute and cuddly, they can also be much fun to play with. They’re available in a wide range of styles and colors, and some even allow you to personalize them, so you’ll always have a reason to grin when you see your giant teddy bear.

There’s no better option for an additional tea party guest than one of these giant bears. They’re the ideal combination of the blanket, snuggle buddy, and cushion all in one. As a present for an anniversary or a birthday, these plush toys are beautiful symbols of love and gratitude. Any occasion would be enhanced by the presence of a giant stuffed bear!

To Conclude 

We hope you’re excited for Halloween, Bonfire Night, and then Christmas in the following months. Your giant teddy bear orders are on their way, and we can’t wait to get them. For additional information, visit https://boobearfactory.com/

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